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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 15. 1969.

Licensed Restaurant move quashed

page 3

Licensed Restaurant move quashed

Motions proposing a licensed restaurant or a chartered club to be included in the Student Union Building were lost by an overwhelming margin at the first SRC meeting recently.

Speakers felt that a large percentage of full-time students would be unable to use the facilities because they were not 18 years of age.

"If the drinking age comes down we will be in a better position to consider changes", said Gerard Curry. President of the Students' Association.

"In the meantime we must serve the greatest demand."

The space will be used as an extension to the present cafeteria.

The appointment of student representative on Council met with considerable debate.

Only two applications have been received.

Speakers felt that further applications should be called because the two-year period of representation was too long to regret a party choice.

Many of the audience began to drift away as the discussion became inconclusive and tedious.

Almost twenty minutes was spent deciding the form the motion calling for nominations should be in.

"Judging by the way applications have been handled by the Executive so far, this matter would have received similar treatment", said Owen Gager.

I am sure more names would be forthcoming if students learnt the SRC would be making the nomination."

Denis Philps said that a person who was to hold a position for two years could not be "capriciously nominated from the floor".

A motion was passed inviting further nominations for the position and advising that they would be judged by an SRC meeting.

Two remits for Winter Council were approved.

Motions urging reform in the law relating to homosexual offences were passed including one that NZUSA become a corporate member of the NZ Homosexual Law Reform Society.

A motion was passed that "in view of the current serious shortage of general practitioners NZUSA urge the Government to take action.

"In order to ease the short-term situation, the Government do implement a revised assisted immigration scheme to attract doctors from overseas developed countries, such scheme to be on similar lines to that operated for professional workers immigrating to Australia.

"In order to solve the problem long-term, the Government do either considerably extend the training facilities, or do set up a third medical school in the Wellington area, and in either case do continue to keep a close watch on the doctor staffing situation in New Zealand in order to continue expansion as required."

All literary contributions to student magazines are to remain the properly of the writer according to a motion moved by Roger Lawrence.

"When one is a successful poet and looks back and sees a yarn published in Salient or Argot, one should be allowed to pluck it from there and include it in a collected works or something."