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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 15. 1969.



When will Salient again become a publication mildly representative of student opinion"

First, the double spread, very pretty, but the beauty of the poor cover is impossible to read.

Second, the tendency to focus on one issue, arbitarily deemed of vital concern to the majority of students, for approximately 80% of an Salient "V.U.W. Student' News paper".

Please Mr. Editor, give us some edifying tales, reviews, safe sanitized homogenized and pastuerized verse, faculty and club news, and juicy gossip. Because I hate polltics, especially student politics, petty politics and pseudo-politics (and so do at least ten other people I know).

I am sick of O. G. and pals, drawing their net (how tiring) for more weary sympathies for the repressed-Student-leftist and friend-of-the-worker—as if they give a tinker's cuss whether "workers" and students see eye to eye, ear to ear, hand to mouth, pay rise to pay rise, brand political perspective to broad political perspective, etc.. etc., etc.

A little light humour and wit would work wonders for Salient. If, however, it continues to print the present unmentionable, then Salient dies, suffocated by the unbearable stench of the excrement.

Salient dies not from the heart but from the nose!

Louise Follick.