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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 15. 1969.

Who Flogged The Cookies From The Cabin

Who Flogged The Cookies From The Cabin

Opposition to the One-Percenters crystallised into sabotage at the weekend when stamped addressed envelopes and two reams of duplicating paper were nicked from the S.C.M. Cabin.

President C. AndRice, 32—bloodshot—orated:

"Those who live by the sword will die by the sword," she said throatily.

She ran a hand through her thinning, ginger hair.

"More sheep make light lambs."

"If it is anarchy they have chosen they will be shown no mercy—except if they're liberals over South Africa.

The action received thunderous support from the local Sparticist Club.

A petition signed by President—but—Democrat Owie Babe and his ten-year-old thalidomide dog said they deplored American action in Saigon.

"My sister Rose is getting quite famous though," he said.

But the Fyson children in the Socialist Club said that the grass in Abyssinnia was not nearly enough for French fries.

"That is a typical Stalinist boo-boo," they said.

"The degenerated worker-state, dogged by left opportunism, will never beat the All Blacks.

The local National Club said it was delighted with the news.

"What has been done means that the One-Percenters can't advertise their damned campaign"—thus spake James Mitchell, age unknown.

"It saves us the bother of building funeral pyres with them," he said, casually grinding a Bantu under one blood-flecked boot.

He revealed however (or as Mr. Mitchell put it," "It is believed") that the paper had been flogged to feed Country Party cows.

Party Leader Enema, approached for comment said, "Crap".