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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 13. 1969.

Who's kidding us?

Who's kidding us?

"Who's kidding whom?" indeed, that's what I would like to know! When Salient gets so low on copy that it has to make a shadow in a badly printed photograph in FOCUS into a headline pornography story then I think it's you kidding us, not FOCUS catering for all the nasty pornographic minds around. It's about time you stopped looking for such ridiculous scandal end gave us something belter.

I'm all in favour of fancy covers if they're good, and if it isn't done just to copy Canta, but the "Gone to Pot" one went. The pot articles are'nt bad, but what about a review or two, or perhaps you could find something that happened on campus to re-port? Didn't we have a model U.N. on Rhodesia on campus sometime before Salient went to press, for instance?

And please, what happened to the layout?

At the end of the first article on page 2, we have "Public figures throughout ..." which doesn't connect onto anything. The second article, with the exciting title "Marih(J?)Uana And The ..." ends up with "... Wha-pakiwi to Pahiatua." (Note the full-stop.) Hopefully, though in some dread, I turned over the page, up lovely. And the text? No, that would be just too much to expect altogether. Perhaps another time. We never find out what happened to page 2's "Public fi-gures throughout ...", and significantly the first word in the second article on page 5 is "unrelated ..."

Ah-ha, perhaps if I exercise my brain a little and try to put them the other way round. Perhaps the two unconnected bits go together and the articles just got switched, No? Oh, well ...

Please. Salient, hove a pity on wo lesser mortals who aren't sufficiently switched on to fill in the gaps from our own turned off imaginations.

B. J. Wards.