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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 13. 1969.

A Generation ..

A Generation ...

By the time this it published there may already be a community witchhunt in progress, so I would like to state what I are as some valid objections to Salient 10 as opposed to any general antidrug or anil-Wilde hysteria.

Firstly, when one does some this as controversial as printing the formula for the synthesis of LSD, the editor should not be studiedly discussing four-letter words but should at leaf preface his issue in the editorial, even if unwilling to defend its contents on the grounds of this muling controversy at that stage or for any other reason, The editor must not only care, he must appeal to care.

Secondly, without wishing to become too involved in the con-strongly oppose those who auto-matically denounce the journalis-tic provocation seen in Salient '69. I heartily agree that much of what the "Establishment" and community-at large dismiss as ir-responsible is rather to be lauded. But there must also exist, where one engages in ye proverbial shif-strirring, concepts of social respon-sibility regarding issues raised in the questioning role the university has so often objectly failed to as-sume. In respect of this point Salient 10 can justly be criti-cised.

The chief complaint as I see it concerns the large article on LSD beginning page 8. By failing to attribute authorship you give an editorial imprimatur by default. (The same thing nearly happens in the Wheeler and Blizard articles through botched typography.) This would not be as significant if the article did not gloss so dangerously over some aspects of LSD. Consider the following: "And somewhere I heard a young men crying and I run. I run from him before he screams as he knows I will. Perhaps a rock, but even rocks crumble! Toll bells, toll the death of hope. The whole world ii black and the sun sets. Amidst the shuddering of the plants the sign posts cease to sign. Standing alone on the edge of the universe —alone in the darkness, alone in the blackness, alone in the nothingness. Tell me, tell me is there a morning? Tell me!!! ..." Go on from there a little in spectacu-lar real-life psychotic colour with panoramic multi-dimensional anxi-ety. Fun? Not quite; and not the kind of hazard the article in ques-tion, with it pseudo-authoritative tone, gives a reasonable appraisal of. The unknown author can ad-vocate away, but Salient should ensure it presents the issue fully when people's sanity may well be involved. Salient 10 may have a good cover, but makes a bad contrail to say Canta's honest appraisal of contraception—failure rates and all.

Bruce Preston.