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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 5. 1969.

Easter Tournament — Sport with Ian Stockwell

page 10

Easter Tournament

Sport with Ian Stockwell

The Annual inter-universities summer tournament is to be held this year at Christchurch, which last had a major varsity sporting fixture in 1965.

Victoria's contingent of sportsmen, sportswomen and suporters converging on Christchurch for this tourney totals some 125, which indicates that Victoria should be well represented down South.

As far as Vic's prospects for tournament honours go, we can but hope that results will be better than 1968 at Massey.

Undoubtedly if Vic's representatives perform as well in the sporting sphere as they always do on the social scene the results would be outstanding.

The sports contested at Easter Tournament are: Athletics, cricket, 303 rifles, tennis, rowing, swimming, water polo and yachting.

Outlined below is a list of Victoria's representatives in the different sports and some information about them.


Victoria's chances in this sport on the surface do not seem to be as good as last Easter.

The three club members, Penny Haworth, Alan Dougal and Dick Tweedie, who made the NZU team to Australia in 1968 are not available this year. Penny is no longer eligible and Alan has returned to Otago.

Victoria's athletic representatives are as follows:


Phil Kear, 100, 220, 440; Peter Ammundsen, 100, 220, 440; Ian Stockwell, 880; Rod (Des) Petley, 1 mile, 3 miles; Ian Hunt, 3 miles, 6 miles; Martin Fisher, 6 miles; Willi Gulbransen, 3000 metres steeples; Vince Alisae, 120 yards hurdles, triple jump, long jump; John McGreal. 220 yards hurdles; Dave Robinson, long jump; Dave Russell, triple jump; Graeme Sutherland, shot put; Dave

Burton, javelin. Relay teams: 4 x 110 yards, P. Kear, P. Ammundsen, V. Alisae, D. Robinson; reserves, J. McGreal, D. Russell. 4 x 440 yards, P. Kear, P. Ammundsen, I. Stockwell, M. Fisher.


Rosemary Askin, 100, 220 yards; Jocelyn Robson, 100 yards.

Of the Vic athletes, Phil Kear, who has one of the fastest times in New Zealand for the 440 yards this season, and Vince Alisae, who is jumping well, should compete with distinction.

Rod Petley, who has been running consistently near 14 minutes for the three miles should on past times perform well.

The rest of the athletes from Vic are rather an unknown quantity, but if they realise their potential at tournament the results should be quite pleasing.


Victoria's teams are:

Men: Ross Colello, William Watson, John Hall, Richard Carston.

Women: Fran Parkin, Janet Miles, Bettina Pryor, Robin Baird.

Overall prospects for our tennis teams seem better than last Easter when the men finished third.

A new addition who should add substantial strength to the side is R. Carston, an ex-Auckland player.

Main opposition can be expected to come from Auckland, Otago and Canterbury.

While these universities have good number one and two players, they do not seem to have the depth of playing talent which is apparent in the Vic men's and women's teams.

So if the Vic representatives achieve their potentialities, the results should be good.

.303 Rifles

The six-man team is: G. Adlam, J. R. McKinley, G. R. Wakefield, J. R. Whiteman, J. K. Williams, K. D. Win. Reserve, K. Shepherd.

Victoria's marksmen are attempting to record their third consecutive win in the Haslin Shield competition, symbol of university shooting supremacy.

The tournament team this year is an outstanding one with the team's experience being probably its greatest asset.

The team includes three members of Victoria's 1967-1968 teams and also three members have qualified for the Queen's Fifty in the national championships.

Newcomers John Whiteman and Kevin Win have been tested at association level and are shooting to NZU standard.

In addition. Jim McKinley, a 1968 NZU Blue, and also the top shooter that year, is expected to take the honours again this year.

The strongest opposition should come from Canterbury, who have the advantage of competing on their home range at West Melton, while Otago and Massey are also fielding strong teams.

It is expected that Olympic bronze medallist Ian Ballinger will select the NZU team to shoot against a representative Canterbury side on Easter Monday.


Vic's cricket reps are: Mike Sim (captain), Richard Priest, Dave Scott, Brian Dive, Tony Smith, Paddy Thwaites, Peter McDermott, Sid Gowland, Geoff Campbell, John Dean, Ian Druce and Don Cook.

Vic plays its first match against Massey at Anderson Park, Wellington today (April 2).

Last year because of the Wahine disaster, the cricket part of tournament was cancelled, so the question of which university will win the cricket isan interesting one.

The Vic team can be expected to perform Well with the new blood that it has had injected into it this year.

Freshers in the team are Richard Priest, who played for Central Districts in the Rothmans tournament while still at school, Dave Scott, John Dean and Ian Druce.

Main opposition for Vic can be expected to come from Ota-go and Canterbury, the former having several Plunket Shield representatives in its team.


Although times at the swimming interfacs were not outstanding owing to the extremely cold weather, indications for Easter Tournament are distinctly favourable.

The tournament swimming and water-polo teams were chosen on the basis of performances at the interfacs.

Women: S. Gardner, M. McFarlane, C. Quirk, D. Meggett, M. Reilly, B. Stoke-Blandy, W. Ellingham, V. Kearns, B. Pearson.

Men: L. Smith, I. Trousdcll, D. Wright, J. Brodie, W. Dewe, P. Kent, G. Annear, M. Gazley, M. Couch, K. Greer, B. Stanton.