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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.

Record reviews

Record reviews

God is alive and well in Wellington, but is now called Ron Pretty (Genuflect! Genuflect!).

Love thou Beethoven, Wagner and sundry other much respected classical artists decreeth He. Forget today's musicians for they make not music he asserts. We must recognise the obvious genius of "Der Ring Des Nibelung". Well, I for one am not the least bit interested in Des Nibelung's ring, so I must be a nincompoop along with a great many of my friends (and we didn't even know it—even our best friends wouldn't tell us).

Some students might object to being called iuvenile because their preferences are not compatible with Ron Pretty's.

All Letters Submitted For Publication Must Be Signed With The Writer's Own Name. No Pseudonyms Will Be Accepted Save In Exceptional Circumstances.

Also your average teeny-bopper hates, or can't understand, Big Brother, Quicksilver, Mayall and all these other "uncouth" American groups (some of which are British). Janis Joplin could make ringing a bell and shouting "unclean" a most soulful and moving act.

Mr. Pretty should realise that many people are more interested in what's now and new rather than Beethoven, warmed over and served up by some new mob for the umpteenth time.

The reviewer should review that music which he understands and consequently he can give a reasonably able review. One can always read the record columns of the "Dominion" for reviews in basic Beethoven, Bach, etc.

Mike Aitken