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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.


page 10


Arts and Commerce dominate interfac athletics

Commerce was forced to relinquish its dominating position at the interfac athletics this year and share the first place with Arts.

Commerce dominated the Men's section scoring 46 points to Arts 36.

However, Arts scored 10 in the Women's section while Commerce made no addition to its total.

In the combined results Law was well back in third place with eight points while Science totalled only a miserable three point.

Competition was made more interesting by the participation of athletes from local Wellington clubs. Hastings, Massey and High School Old Boys, Christ-church.

Conditions at the Evans Bay all-weather track were not favourable for record-breaking performances to be allowed.

The sprinters, in particular Penny Haworth, recorded good times for their events but the wind assistance reading on the aneometer was well above the allowable asistance of 6.6 feet per second.

The long distance runners found the gusty wind more of a hindrance than a help.

This was clearly evidenced in the three miles where Rod Petley who has been consistently running 14 mins. 5 secs. or thereabout recorded a time of 15 mins. 12 secs.

Commerce's dominance in the distance events was shown in the one mile where they took the first three placings and in the three miles where the first and third placegetters were provided.

Detailed results:

Abbreviations — (A) Arts: (C) Commerce, (L) Law, (M) Massey, (S) Science.


220 yds. Hurdles: M. Hills (M) 25.7 sec, 1; J. McGreal (A) 27.1 sec, 2.

3 Miles: R. Petley (C), 15 min. 12secs, B. Stewart (A) 15 min. 22.8 secs., 2 I. Hum (C) 15 min. 38.6 secs., 3.

100 yds.: P. Ammundsen (C) 10.3 secs., 1; V. Alisae (A) 10.5 secs., 2: D. Robinson (L) 10.5 secs., 3.

880 yds.: B. Hill (M).. 1; I. Stockwell (C), 2; T. Cook (M), 3.

.3,000 Metres Steeples: B. Meyers (C) 9 min. 53.0 sec., 1; W. Gulbransen (C), 2; S. Havill (A), 3.

220 yds.: P. Ammundsen (A) 22.2 sec., 1; D. Cairns (M), 2: D. Robinson (L), 3.

One Mile: R. Petley (C) 4 min. 29.9 secs., 1; N. Froude (C), 2; I. Stockwell (C), 3.

440 yds.: D. Cairns (M), 49.8 sec., 1; P. Kear (S), 2; R. Tweedie (L), 3.

Discus: R. Birdsall (C) 107 ft. 11 in., 1; D. Leech (A). 2; G. Sutherland (C), 3.

Shot: J. Farrow (M), 35 ft. 6in., 1; G. Sutherland (C), 2; N. Tauevihi (M), 3.

Hammer: D. Leech (A) 156 ft. 7 in., 1; J. Farrow (M), 2.

High Jump: C. Bank (M) 5 ft. 10 in., 1; J. Grimmett (M), 2.

Long Jump: V. Alisae (A) 19 ft. 64 in., 1; D. Cairns (M), 2; B. Voysey (M), 3.

Javelin: D. Burton (A) 148 ft. 5 in., 1; B. Golding (M), 2; I. Hunt (C), 3.

Triple Jump: V. Alisae (A) 44 ft. 5 in., 1; P. Burton (A), 2; B. Voysey (M), 3.


100 yds.: J. Robson (A), 12.7 secs., 1; M. Meharry (M), 2.

220 yds.: P. Haworth (A), 23.6 secs., 1; P. Barris (M), 2; M. Meharry (M), 3.

Shot: M. Bryson (L), 1.

• Penny Haworth, who is travailing to South Africa this week as part of a New Zealand group to compete in the controversial sports meeting at Bloemfontein.

Penny Haworth, who is travailing to South Africa this week as part of a New Zealand group to compete in the controversial sports meeting at Bloemfontein.

Harrier Club Begins Season

(Sports Editor)

The V.U.W. Harrier Club at its A.G.M. recently has decided to hold its opening run this Saturday, March 29, from the tennis pavilion near John Reid's squash courts at 2 p.m.

The first internal club competition run, the Novice and Veterans' Cup Race is to be held on 3 May, a week before the Shaw baton relay.

With the beginning of 1969 a number of harriers have left or are leaving the club.

George Caddie and John Souter have moved to the South Island, Chris Corry leaves soon for England and George Seconi, three times club champ in the last four years, and Bob Wilson, the 1968 secretary, have gone to the wilds of Teachers' Training College in Christchurch.

George Seconi in his last annual report in his capacity as club captain had some interesting observations to make about Harriers in general.

He pointed out that at Victoria harriers generally operate on the premise of "getting away from it all."

Cross-country running, or long distance road running is really a highly individualistic affair, because no matter how concerned a runner may be with team running, in the end it is every man for himself.

Each harrier rises and falls by his own efforts, admittedly aided by the impetus of club success or failure.

But at Victoria, this latter factor does not assume the importance it seems to in other clubs, for Victoria harriers while wishing perhaps that their club too could be tops, do not regard this aim of prime importance.

Victoria runners do seem able to grasp the fact that it is the activity and not the winning which is important.

They also seem to appreciate the fact that effort, and its results are personal factors, and do not demand constant top performance from a proven runner.

For this reason a friendly spirit prevails in the club, and it is a spirit one would not like to see dispersed by pressure being placed on Club members for success ahead of enjoyment.

It is an attitude that enables Victoria to retain runners who require harriers to supplement, and not replace their university study and work, and also enables the retaining of harriers who may have been top juniors but find senior competitions a little harder.

It is at this point that Victoria Club succeeds in putting sport where it properly belongs —as a recreation and not a livelihood.

Highlights of 1968 were Vic's seventh placing in the Shaw baton relays and the Dorne Cup and the 11th placing in the Wellington-Masterton relay, with Victoria recording its third ever fastest time.

George Seconi performed well to be selected as reserve for the Wellington cross country team, and along with Roger Titcombe he made the NZU team.

The AGM saw the election of a new group of officers.

The following can be contacted if any further information is required about harriers.

Club Captain: Tony Burge, 29 Ngaio Road, Ph. 759-929.

Vice-Captain: Dave Bullock, 44 Ottawa Road, Ngaio, Ph. 797-281.

Secretary: John Horsley, 114 Kelburn Parade, Ph. 757-557.

From the Gym

Intramural Results

Badminton—Monday: English (Won) v. Glenmore, 8-0; Zoology (won) v. Staff, 7-1; Philosophy v. Australia (won), 7-1; Chemistry (won) v. Geography, 8-0.

Tuesday: History v. Biochemistry (won), 4-4; Indonesia v. Q.A. (won), 8-0; Helen Lowry (won) v. 2 and 2, 6-1; Education v. Maths (won), 7-1.

Soccer—Wednesday: Taita v. Law (won), 5-3; Law Staff v. Tawa (won), 5-0; Scots v. Fiji (won), 4-1; St. Pats v. Samoa St. (won), 6-4; Lower Hutt City v. Geography (won), 5-3; Treasury v. Weir (won), 5-4; All Stars v. Johnsonvilla (won), 6-2.

Basketball—Thursday: Economics (won) v. Nelson, 50-12; All Stars v. Staff (won), 38-6; Chemistry (won) v. Rudman House, 22-20; Helen Lowry v. ELI (won), 28-10; Hargtaugh (won) v. Hutt High, 48-8.

Volleyball — Friday (March 14, first week's results): Economics (won) v. Law, 2-1; Them v. History (won). 2-1; Queen M. (won) v. Helen Lowry, 2-1.

Strength Training For Sport

There are now few sportsmen who do not appreciate the value of a well-directed strength training programme as a means of improving performance.

Some, however, are a little vague as to whether or not the training would be valuable for them individually and, even if it were, how to set about training.

On Thursday, 27 March, at 5 p.m. at the Gym. Mr. Brian Mahoney will give a short lecture, with demonstrations, on the values and range of strength training for players of all strenuous games and sports, and anyone else interested in increasing physical strength.

Swimming honours to Arts

Arts easily won the Victoria Inter-faculty swimming sports at the Thorndon Pool last week.

Aided by outstanding performances from former national breaststroke champion Lee Smith and current Wellington backstroke champion, record-holder, and national finalist Ian Trousdell, Arts amassed a total of 29 points to beat former holders Commerce (10).

Smith and Trousdell were in great form ,stroking easily and powerfully to leave other competitors behind.

Good performances were also put up however by Commerce's John Brodie and Warwick Dewe.

In the 100 yds, freestyle Brodie fought all the way with Smith and Trousdell but faded badly over the last ten yards.

Dewe fought a courageous battle with Smith in the breaststroke and, though beaten, managed to head Trousdell into second place.

The women's events were far more closely contested.

The most outstanding performance was by Sue Gardner in the breakstroke event.

Pulling away from the field she recorded a time only six seconds slower than that of Lee Smith.

Good performances were also put up by Morna McFarlane and Carol Quirk.


100 Freestyle: Men: L. Smith 54.9s. 1; I. Trousdell 56.0s, 2; J. Brodie 57.4s, 3.

Women: M. McFarlane 70.2s, 1; C. Quirk 76.6s, 2; B. Stoke-Blandy 76.9s, 3.

100 Breaststroke: Men: L. Smith 78.8s, 1; W. Dewe 81.1s, 2; I. Trousdell 95.0s, 3.

Women: S. Gardner 85.7s, 1; M. McFarlane 88.7s, 2; M. Reilly 89.3s, 3.

100 Backstroke: Men: I. Trousdell 69.6s, 1; L. Smith 72.6s, 2; P. Kent 75.5s, 3.

Women: C. Quirk 92.4s, 1; W. Ellingham 95.0s, 2; D. Megget 96.0s 3.

Diving: Men: M. Couch, 1; W. Dewe, 2.

Women: D. Megget, 1; C. Quirk, 2.

Sport Page

Salient wants the results of all local sporting activities in which Victoria teams take part for publication in the form of a table showing the result, the oppositing team and position on the competition ladder.

Presidents and secretaries of the various clubs should send results and reports of club activities to Salient's sports editor, Ian Stockwell.

If possible, advance notice should be given of sporting functions which could be of interest. It could be arranged for a Salient photographer to be present.

Salient can also process film taken by other people of sporting events which could be of interest to readers.

The sports page should be a reflection of sport at Victoria, so give it your support.