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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.

Swimming honours to Arts

Swimming honours to Arts

Arts easily won the Victoria Inter-faculty swimming sports at the Thorndon Pool last week.

Aided by outstanding performances from former national breaststroke champion Lee Smith and current Wellington backstroke champion, record-holder, and national finalist Ian Trousdell, Arts amassed a total of 29 points to beat former holders Commerce (10).

Smith and Trousdell were in great form ,stroking easily and powerfully to leave other competitors behind.

Good performances were also put up however by Commerce's John Brodie and Warwick Dewe.

In the 100 yds, freestyle Brodie fought all the way with Smith and Trousdell but faded badly over the last ten yards.

Dewe fought a courageous battle with Smith in the breaststroke and, though beaten, managed to head Trousdell into second place.

The women's events were far more closely contested.

The most outstanding performance was by Sue Gardner in the breakstroke event.

Pulling away from the field she recorded a time only six seconds slower than that of Lee Smith.

Good performances were also put up by Morna McFarlane and Carol Quirk.


100 Freestyle: Men: L. Smith 54.9s. 1; I. Trousdell 56.0s, 2; J. Brodie 57.4s, 3.

Women: M. McFarlane 70.2s, 1; C. Quirk 76.6s, 2; B. Stoke-Blandy 76.9s, 3.

100 Breaststroke: Men: L. Smith 78.8s, 1; W. Dewe 81.1s, 2; I. Trousdell 95.0s, 3.

Women: S. Gardner 85.7s, 1; M. McFarlane 88.7s, 2; M. Reilly 89.3s, 3.

100 Backstroke: Men: I. Trousdell 69.6s, 1; L. Smith 72.6s, 2; P. Kent 75.5s, 3.

Women: C. Quirk 92.4s, 1; W. Ellingham 95.0s, 2; D. Megget 96.0s 3.

Diving: Men: M. Couch, 1; W. Dewe, 2.

Women: D. Megget, 1; C. Quirk, 2.