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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.

Arts and Commerce dominate interfac athletics

Arts and Commerce dominate interfac athletics

Commerce was forced to relinquish its dominating position at the interfac athletics this year and share the first place with Arts.

Commerce dominated the Men's section scoring 46 points to Arts 36.

However, Arts scored 10 in the Women's section while Commerce made no addition to its total.

In the combined results Law was well back in third place with eight points while Science totalled only a miserable three point.

Competition was made more interesting by the participation of athletes from local Wellington clubs. Hastings, Massey and High School Old Boys, Christ-church.

Conditions at the Evans Bay all-weather track were not favourable for record-breaking performances to be allowed.

The sprinters, in particular Penny Haworth, recorded good times for their events but the wind assistance reading on the aneometer was well above the allowable asistance of 6.6 feet per second.

The long distance runners found the gusty wind more of a hindrance than a help.

This was clearly evidenced in the three miles where Rod Petley who has been consistently running 14 mins. 5 secs. or thereabout recorded a time of 15 mins. 12 secs.

Commerce's dominance in the distance events was shown in the one mile where they took the first three placings and in the three miles where the first and third placegetters were provided.

Detailed results:

Abbreviations — (A) Arts: (C) Commerce, (L) Law, (M) Massey, (S) Science.


220 yds. Hurdles: M. Hills (M) 25.7 sec, 1; J. McGreal (A) 27.1 sec, 2.

3 Miles: R. Petley (C), 15 min. 12secs, B. Stewart (A) 15 min. 22.8 secs., 2 I. Hum (C) 15 min. 38.6 secs., 3.

100 yds.: P. Ammundsen (C) 10.3 secs., 1; V. Alisae (A) 10.5 secs., 2: D. Robinson (L) 10.5 secs., 3.

880 yds.: B. Hill (M).. 1; I. Stockwell (C), 2; T. Cook (M), 3.

.3,000 Metres Steeples: B. Meyers (C) 9 min. 53.0 sec., 1; W. Gulbransen (C), 2; S. Havill (A), 3.

220 yds.: P. Ammundsen (A) 22.2 sec., 1; D. Cairns (M), 2: D. Robinson (L), 3.

One Mile: R. Petley (C) 4 min. 29.9 secs., 1; N. Froude (C), 2; I. Stockwell (C), 3.

440 yds.: D. Cairns (M), 49.8 sec., 1; P. Kear (S), 2; R. Tweedie (L), 3.

Discus: R. Birdsall (C) 107 ft. 11 in., 1; D. Leech (A). 2; G. Sutherland (C), 3.

Shot: J. Farrow (M), 35 ft. 6in., 1; G. Sutherland (C), 2; N. Tauevihi (M), 3.

Hammer: D. Leech (A) 156 ft. 7 in., 1; J. Farrow (M), 2.

High Jump: C. Bank (M) 5 ft. 10 in., 1; J. Grimmett (M), 2.

Long Jump: V. Alisae (A) 19 ft. 64 in., 1; D. Cairns (M), 2; B. Voysey (M), 3.

Javelin: D. Burton (A) 148 ft. 5 in., 1; B. Golding (M), 2; I. Hunt (C), 3.

Triple Jump: V. Alisae (A) 44 ft. 5 in., 1; P. Burton (A), 2; B. Voysey (M), 3.


100 yds.: J. Robson (A), 12.7 secs., 1; M. Meharry (M), 2.

220 yds.: P. Haworth (A), 23.6 secs., 1; P. Barris (M), 2; M. Meharry (M), 3.

Shot: M. Bryson (L), 1.

• Penny Haworth, who is travailing to South Africa this week as part of a New Zealand group to compete in the controversial sports meeting at Bloemfontein.

Penny Haworth, who is travailing to South Africa this week as part of a New Zealand group to compete in the controversial sports meeting at Bloemfontein.