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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 3. 1969.

From the Gym

From the Gym

Intramural competition results for first week :

Badminton - Monday 10 March:

English v. Zoology (Won) 5-3; Glenmore v. Staff (won) 8-0; Eng. Lang. Inst, (won) v. Philosophy 5-3; Geology (won) v. Chemistry 5-3.

Tuesday 11 March:

History v. Indonesia (won) 4-4; Biochem. v. Q.A. (drawn) Helen Lowry v. Education (drawn); 2 + 2 v. Maths (won) 5-3.

Soccer — Wednesday 12 March:

Taita (won) v. Law Staff 2-1: Law v. Tawa (won) 3-2: Scots v. St. Pats (won) 1-0: Fiji v. Samoa St. (won) 6-3: Weir (nudgers) v. Treasury (won) default; Lower Hutt City v. Geography (won) 6-1: Weir (All Stars) v Johnsonvilla (won) 3-0.

Basketball — Thursday) 13 March:

All Stars v. Economics (won) default; Nelson v. Stall (won); Helen Lowry v. Chemistry (won) 34-4; Rudman House v. Hangtaugh (won) 64-2.

First term classes in the Gym.

The following times:

Trampolining: Tues. 10ginners).

11 Wed.2-3, Thurs. 2-3 (be-

Badminton Lessons:

Mon. 2-3. Fri. 11-12.

Gymnastics: Mon. 5-6, Wed, 2-3.

Golf Lesson; Tues. 3-4.

Fitness Training For Men: Thurs. 6-7.

Archery Outside): Fri. 1112.

Dance Room Classes Include: Keep Fit: Tues. 4-5. Wed. 12-1.

Modern Dance: Tues. 6-8, Wed 1-2. Thurs. 1-2.

Ballroom Dance: Mon. 10-11. 11-12. Tues. 5-6, Thurs.

Yoga: Fri. 12-1.

Ballet: Mon 2-3.

Yoga: Fri. 12-1.

Ballet: Mon, 2-3.

Figure Trimming: Fri. 1-2.

Folk Dancing: Tues. 8 p.m.

Individual programmes—for both men and women students will be arranged by the Physical Welfare staff (e.g., weight training, keep fit, figure trimming, remedial exercises).

These programme will be planned to suit individual needs —for students who need particular attention or who are unable to attend classes through timetable clashes.