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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

Aid for America

Aid for America

An Aid to America Society has been formed with VUW.

The chairman of the Student Action Committee American Poverty. [unclear: Linds] Pope, said that a recent television programme [unclear: claim] ten million people within [unclear: t] U.S.A. were suffering [unclear: fro] malnutrition.

"There is an overproduction of food problem [unclear: whe] the Treasury actually [unclear: pa] farmers not to utilize a [unclear: c] tain percentage of their [unclear: la] because it is not economical possible to distribute the [unclear: e]cess food to the human [unclear: sla] heap created by a brutal are cynical society."

He says a collection will taken up in the foyer of the Student Union Building Thursday.

A cheque will be present to the American [unclear: Ambassad]