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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

Out Side Left

page 16

Out Side Left

Owen Gager is planning to go overseas. This column is opening a Gel Gager Going subscription campaign. Contributions to kick off:

Norm Kirk…$10

Doug White…$10

Alister Taylor…$10

Soviet Embassy…$10

U.S. Embassy…$10

Not often you get all these people on the same bandwagon, is it? Further contribution should be addressed to Outside Left, c/-. Salient.

• • •

The Coms are at it again. You'd might have thought they would have better things to worry about than poor Doug White; but no, there's no limit lo the ambitions of Moscow, or Peking, or Hanoi, or wherever it is. Did you know it was a Com plot that slopped Doug getting the second student seat on Council? Yes, and we can reveal who the Corn's Man at Victoria is, too. Would you believe Bill Logan?

• • •

They're selling pictures of all the cult heroes at Sweet and Maxwell's now at 65c a pop. Featuring along with Greta Garbo is that other Hollywood hero (they're making a film about him), Che Guevara.

• • •

They left out of Outside Left last time round the pictures of Blossom and Norm Kirk side by side.

• • •

Somebody called for three cheers for Daniel Riddiford, M.P. for the uninitiated) at the Dominion ball on Saturday. The response was dead silence.