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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

Why Can't We Get It?

Why Can't We Get It?

Sir I have had it.

I can't stand any more. The mind, I'm afaird, can only take so much of the follicks of this world, and believe me, we have taken so much. God and presumably Louise only know what prossesses this curious young lady to write letters whose (apparently) sole purpose is to carry to the ears of the world the words: coek, bullshit, Frenchies, gutsache, balls, crap, (and occasionally through a mental aberration) twit.

Why a thoroughly nice girl from a nice home, having just left a nice school (bright, forward-looking Onslow College), should find herself compelled to mouth 1950's angry-young-man platitudes in the language of a lower-sixth schoolboy passes my comprehension.

I've just been reading the latest missive, some sort of mountaing in the wake of a God/morality question that was flogged to death in the seventeenth century. Like all the writing of the lady that I've read, it posits non-arguments on a non-question simply because it is her belief that this sort of rubbish coincides with the majorityof student opinion (—and, Heaven knows, she may be right).

I think possibly it's not always necessary for hackneyed left-wingish, libernlish, radicalish opinions that students are meant to have, to be constantly reiterated by some srange bird with an axe to grind. If, on the other hand, she is being "outrageous" only to make me turn the "Letters to the Editor" page very hurriedly every time I see her name there, could I possibly ask her, through this letter, to give it a bit of a rest, Yours in the bowels of Christ.

S. Morris.