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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

Vacation Activity

Vacation Activity

Many students no doubt will want to take up an out-door activity during the long summer vacation.

At present there are nine clubs at Victoria catering for a diverse array of interests.

Many of these play a prominent part in Wellington's sporting life and deserve the fullest possible support from students.

Outlined below are the various clubs and the people to contact for further information.


The Tennis Club has four hard courts and a fine pavilion. Club afternoons are Saturday and Sunday.

The main event of the year is the Club Championship from which players are selected for the Easter Tournament teams.

Teams are entered in interclub competition, with the Senior A team usually doing well.

Club captain, David Kelly, 65A Tiber Street, Island'Bay, phone 85-807.

Volley Ball

This is a game of skill teamwork, played throughout the year.

A friendly club, it welcomes all types of players, male and female, beginners and experts and has players of all nationalities.

Coaching is available.

John Hall, ph. 46-476; Dave Young, 25 Moxham Ave., Hataitai, ph. 82-666.

.303 Rifles

The .303 Rifles Club has a small but active and experienced membership and new members are welcome.

Club shooting takes place on the Trentham Rifle Range over all distances up to 900 yards.

The season extends from October to May, participation at Easter Tournament being a highlight.

A limited number of club rifles are available to newcomers, and the ammunition is at a nominal cost.

Roger Girdlestone, 17 Nikau Street, Eastbourne, ph. 7123 Eastbourne; Graham Wakefield. 17 Lincoln Ave., Lower Hutt, 694-707 (Home), 45-462/23 (Business).

Surf Riders

This is a relatively new club formed in April '67. It is open to all, experienced or not and surfboards are available.

Monthly competitions are held, and there are periodic social events such as beach parties, film evenings and weekend trips to beaches further away.

A distinctive club Decal transfer is available and a club newsheet is sent out once a month.

John O'Leary, 8 Burton St., Lower Hutt, ph. 65-466. Barbara Owen, 4 Colson St., Lower Hutt, ph. 693-888.


The VUW Cricket Club usually fields six teams, in all grades.

Practices are held at Kelburn Park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, with Monday nights in the gymnasium.

John Button ph. 27-444 (H), 55-660 (B); Gerry Began, 56-450 (B).


Club nights are held during the summer on Mondays, 7-8 p.m. at the Thorndon Pool as from the end of October.

Competitions are to be held at Thorndon Pool probably on Wednesday nights.

Facilities are available for swimmers, divers, and water polo players, men and women.

Water Polo is an excellent game for rugby players wishing to keep relatively fit over the summer vacation without formal training.

Trips to other centres are arranged, and for anyone interested in competition in a social atmosphere this is a must.

A women's water polo team could also be formed, if sufficient interest is shown.

The Club encourages and provides an avenue for any people interested in competitive swimming on local, provincial or national scale.

Last year Vic fielded a women's water polo team in the Wellington water polo competition and had an extremely successful season.

This competition will continue this year and the Swimming Club wants interested people to join the ranks.

Competition is due to start either on 9 or 16 October and will continue through finals.

A game occupies only 15 min on a Wednesday night and is good relaxation from the grind of swotting.

Knowledge of the rules is not necessary although it is advisable to pick up a few basic facts before the season is under way.

Games are played at Thorndon baths.

Women's water polo will be played at Easter Tournament at Canterbury next year for the first time.

Any girl interested is asked to contact Pru Brock, ph. 27-355 or Carol Quirke, Upper Hutt, ph. 82-528.

For other swimming information contact Paul Kent, ph. 18-951 or Robbie Walker. ph. 76-098.


The Athletics Club has always been near the top in provincial competition and promises to do well this season.

In spite of its good performance, the club relies not on its individual champions but on those of average athletic ability who enjoy the sport for its own sake.

Socially, the club is very active and weekend trips to other parts of the country are frequent.

An early trip this year is the one to Hastings on the weekend of 7 December which promises to be most enjoyable, sport and socialwise.

Club night is Tuesday, on the Boyd-Wilson field.

Thursday night training is held at the all-weather track at Evans Bay.

The opening club night is 12 November.

Chris Corry (Club Captain), ph. 41-473 (B): Barry Meyers, 59 Washington Ave., ph. 87-261.


The Rowing Club compromises a band of rugged enthusiasts whose activities begin during the summer vacation.

It welcomes all those with previous rowing experience and needs young enthusiasts to remain the top rowing university in New Zealand.

Limited facilities are available to train novice oarsmen.

Barry Brown, 12 Hautana Sq., Lower Hutt. ph. 64-677; A Bradshaw, 41A Chatsworth Rd., Silverstream, ph. 390/ 84-803.


The Yacht Club is now based at, and affiliated to, the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club in Oriental Bay.

Students may compete in their races and utilise the excellent facilities available.

A number of students now own boats and the club itself possess two yachts.

The aim of the club is to promote a regular sailing programme for a substantial fleet as soon as possible and urges all enthusiastic students to join as soon as possible.

John Pcther, 2 Huia Rd., Days Bay, 7076 Eastbourne. Andrew Morrison, ph. 34-131


Karate is not a sport but a way of life.

Derived from the Zen religion, it is a search for enlightenment and perfection, achieved through meditation and very hard physical training.

One of the most active clubs on the campus all year round, it meets two nights a week and Saturday afternoons.

Karate is based on focus— an assimilation of the mental and physical powers to enable the exponent to put maximum effort into any one action.

To the casual observer this is most evident in tameshawari (breaking techniques) where the concentration involved is apparent.

However, breaking materials, although spectacular to watch, is not a major part of karate and is rather a means for the exponent to test his ability.

The club is affiliated to the Kyokushiakai Karate-Do and follows Japanese training methods as closely as possible.

Bob McCallum, 76 Pembroke Rd., ph. 27-020 (H), 50-124 (B); Warren Sharrock, 52 Richmond Ave, Karori, ph. 74-753.

Underwater Club

It was largely due to the initiative of Rex Jones that this club was started this year. It is now affiliated to the Students' Association.

Membership cards are available from Committee members G. Byers or Kel Nairn.

Several trips are planned for after finals.

One will be held on the weekend of 23-24 November, somewhere in the Wellington area.

Another is to be held from the 23 November to I December of this year, probably at East Cape or Coromandel.

Between Christmas and the New Year a trip to Coromandel could eventuate.

Kit suit wet suit at a cost of $25 (trousers, jacket, boots and hood) can be obtained from the United Kingdom.

Committee members are to contact club members about trips away.

Anyone requiring further information is asked to get in touch with Rex Jones, 26 McDonald Crescent (ph. 58-000/ 6519M) or John (Shellfish) McCoy. 143 Dixon Street.