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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

[Errors in article on God in previous issue]

There was not one typographical error in a recent God article. Guess who's side He is on.

• • •

"The National Council of Women wants urgent legislation to suppress the 'evil' of drugs, both nonaddictive and addictive" (Newspaper report) "Marijuana is less addictive and dangerous than tobacco or alcohol" (Doctor).

"Mr Much Couth, student, pleaded guilty in the Magistrate's Court today to a charge of possessing tobacco, but pleaded not guilty to a further charge of possessing alcohol, in the form of beer.

"Mr G. Nong, for the Crown, stated that he would show how Couth's affections had been moved by a policewoman posing as a female, and shortly after their first meeting had asked her whether she would like a cigarette containing 'tobacco' —an addictive drug apparently well-known in student circles.

"The Crown would also show that Couth had in his possession three bottles of 'beer' a drug whose effects are to release inhibitions, break up homes, and create further difficulties for those, like this Court, whose duty it was to force the youth of today to believe that the moral code of its elders was in every way better than its own…"

• • •

A government committee is examining illegitimacy. Peltipoint postulate—we have a more responsible attitude towards marriage than did the previous generation, who would marry to avert the illegitimacy of their child. I have (English) figures suggesting that about half of the married women now between 50 and 60 had sexual intercourse before marriage. Wicked old people.

• • •

For those who are not on Council, and expected to be —( )

• • •

"Hello. Here's a danger to democracy, the NZ way of life, the Family. God, Rugby, our daughters, the Empire, and everything else the younger generation should hold as good and true, like us. Here's a publication by school pupils. Here's a publication which comments upon their school. Here's a publication which isn't under the control of the school staff. You wouldn't have that in the Army, now, would you?

And look at these dangerous heretical critical views. It calls a prefect a Radioactive Fink. Horrors. It says the prefects don't do their job of expressing grievances. How ridiculous. They were appointed for that very purpose, and would be demoted if they failed in their duties. Like suppressing small maverick critical magazines.

After all, is it not the natural reaction of any decent person, when confronted with a magazine whose opinions differ from one's own, to assault and rob the sellers?

Of course it is. Thai's what what the Headmaster said. Who are we to argue with the Headmaster? He's just doing his job, educating us as responsible citizens."

• • •

To stop graffiti — search everyone for pens and pencils when entering VUW.

• • •

There was no fire alarm in Rankine Brown the day copy closed. Usually well-informed sources attribute this to neurotically circling fire engines, beating vainly against the little black door.