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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 25. October 8, 1968

Michael Heath views

Michael Heath views

Sydney-side. Noisy and certainly a race between all the hot-headed one-way drivers. Taking nearly half a bucket of saliva to flag a cab, and stand on shop-closing-time corners amidst a million of commuter-customers, watching the sun rise over their heads in a golden trail of back-projection.

Strine is served daily, and Luna Park has mysteriously closed down, to make room for more friendly and noisier dismemberments, no doubt. Newspapers belong to the comic world with their Mr Big and Mr Sin controversies. Morning editions arrive before bed, evening editions during the morning shopping. Great bundles of Greek, Spanish, French and occasionally New Zealand (Herald costs 35c!) papers flap on wire trellises on every corner, I was forced to purchase a London Times for 50c after opening it from its tissue-ironed virginity wrapper, and refused! The harbour to harbour ramp on a clear day (20 in 1) affords any visitor, if he can manage to stop a bus or unit (impossible) a perfect view of all the lanes. The opera house looks like a piece of angel cake banished forever.

The underground trains give me a fair chance to see what the curious green liquid thing was I've just swallowed, by spreading the wrapper on the spittooned floor of the mile-long elevator up, up, up to the Town Hall.

Dogs are allowed in most of the Cross's shops which means many things and the art of steady-poodle carrying is not to be overlooked. Blindmen lose great amount of newsprint by selling it for the noise of 5c, and limbless members of the Cross are tied into automatic commodes, like the comely fruit sellers, and shout megaphone nonsense all day.