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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 24. October 1, 1968

On the Grapevine

page 2

On the Grapevine


Cynical reporter: "He says hE'd like the shopping centrE moved around to the top of the cable car. That's a sound scheme.

Cynical editor: ". . . and would need a sound earthquake."

The politics of liberty

Scene: Outside Wellington College. Wellington College old boys are distributing copies of the second edition of Free Press.

First Pupil (member of W.C. 1st XV): "What do you mean Free Press—we're got freedom of expression here already!"

Second Pupil: 'We haven't really you know."

First Pupil: "Shut up or I'll smash you one, you little shit!"


Actually, the little black gate in the library is for the benefit of the library staff; when they are tired they get to sleep by counting outgoing students jumping over the gate.


God is not dead! He is alive and living in the the Maths Dept.


Those Congress posters are nice, aren't they darlings? At 40c each they must be the most expensive wallpaper in existence — especially for those quick enough to pinch one, or two, or the twenty-bloody-two they have got away with so far.