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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 24. October 1, 1968

Only masochists enjoy exams

Only masochists enjoy exams

"Examinations are terrible. No one really enjoys them unless they're masochists," said Dr Tony Taylor last Tuesday evening.

At the first of three talks on 'Tackling Examinations' Dr Taylor, from the Student Counselling Service, was addressing these remarks to about 35 students attending the seminar.

"We are not trying to make you enjoy examinations, but to moderate the anxiety and uncertainty," he said.

"To prepare you must consider three things: the motivation behind preparation, the emotions involved, and practical organisation."

Dr Taylor then elaborated on these preliminary points. Later the students divided into two groups to discuss the ideas put forward.

On Wednesday Miss D. Dawbin, from the Liaison Office, spoke of the mechanics involved in sitting an examination, and the use of such terms as criticise, evaluate, summarise, and assess. Mundane preparations like a good night's sleep, arriving in time, all necessary pens, pencils, implements, etc., were things not to forget in the rush, she said.

Mr Malcolm, from the Mathematics Department, talked on Thursday evening from an examiner's viewpoint.

He invited students to compose examination questions; firstly to test a student's basic knowledge of the syllabus, and secondly to assess his ability to inter-relate facts.

He also spoke of what an examiner sought in setting a certain type of question, and what he was looking for in the answers.