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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 24. October 1, 1968

Press At Meeting For First Time

Press At Meeting For First Time

Photo of a demonstration at Parliament in response to the visit of President Chung Hee Park

The Student Union Management Committee was open to the Student Press for the first time at its meeting on Monday last week.

This followed a decision of the University Council made on the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Student Participation in the University, which opened the Committee to public scrutiny.

Proceedings started ten minutes late. The next 40 minutes were taken up with procedural matters—agreeing that "there might be matters on which the Committee might move into closed meeting"; agreeing that monthly meetings were unnecessary; electing Gerard Currie to the Dining Room Sub-Committee as student representative; and deciding to hold Annual Meetings in February in future.

A motion calling for provision of a dark-room for Salient in the new SUB was carried. Also approved was an Exec proposal for the extension of the mezzanine floor (in the coffee/snack bar) by approximately four feet beyond the area proposed by the architect.

Doug White claimed that there was insufficient space in the existing scheme. The proposal was agreed to after some discussion.

It was also agreed in principle that a sick-room (or rest-room) should be provided and that the men's toilet in the east end of the SUB be considered as an appropriate location.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr D. B. C. Taylor, said that Victoria had come off very badly compared with Auckland and Canterbury Universities as far as lighting and decorations were concerned.

Dr Taylor said that payment of a reasonable fee for expert advice on lighting would be well worthwhile.

Carpets were no longer a luxury either, he said.

The Committee discussed the question of decorations at length and agreed that representations on this matter would be received from the Executive (which was interested in the question of decorations) at the Committee's next meeting.

Mr F. Levenbach appears to have broken even on student meals in the first six months of the year. Food prices and a wage order may affect the situation in the second half of the year but this is not yet clear.

Doug White's proposal that the Honours Board (listing Plunket Medal winners) be restored to the Hunter Building was defeated.

The subsidised swimming scheme is a disaster financially but is to continue.

Mr Armour Mitchell (the Managing Secretary) proposes to measure the decibel level of dance-bands at dances in the SUB following complaints about noise levels.

The Committee agreed that bands must comply with requests "to prevent noise from unreasonably disturbing other users of the building".

A proposal to restrict the sale of magazines in the Foyer by the institution of a booking system was defeated.

The Committee agreed that, because of the litter problem, no leaflets would be permitted to be distributed in the Dining Room without the Managing-Secretary's permission.

Leaflets could be distributed at the entrances to the cafe, it was decided.

The next meeting of the Committee is on 28 November, commencing at 5.15 p.m.

A Demonstration in the grounds of Parliament marked the visit of President Chung Hee Park to Wellington recently. About a hundred people participated.

A Demonstration in the grounds of Parliament marked the visit of President Chung Hee Park to Wellington recently. About a hundred people participated.