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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 24. October 1, 1968

McKinnon is no clean-cut gull

McKinnon is no clean-cut gull

Sir—Not content with restricting her clangers to the lecture room, Christine Rowlands seems anxious to continue her mistake-strewn path into the columns of Salient (September 10).

Firstly, Rod McKinnon is not the president of the Student Teachers'Association, Victoria University, because there's no such animal. He is the president of the Student Teachers' Association, Wellington Teachers' College.

Secondly she implies that Mr McKinnon is a clean cut Student which indicates that she hasn't seen Mr McKinnon in person for he sports an (admittedly small) ginger beard.

Thirdly she implies that Mr McKinnon did not attend and disapproved of the demonstration at the opening of Parliament. This is entirely erroneous as I saw him there myself.

Fourthly she implies that in his radio broadcast Mr McKinnon showed naive gullibility while being led by the nose by the interviewer.

For those of us who know Rod McKinnon this is a ridiculous suggestion and it certainly wasn't the impression I gained from the interviewer. There is a lot one could argue with in what he said but at the same time his comments contain more than just a grain of truth. Next time Mrs Rowlands ought to do a bit more homework before rushing wildly into print.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Martin