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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, No. 24. October 1, 1968

From council

From council

A second representative of the Students' Association will sit on the University Council as from Its next meeting. This was decided unanimously at the meeting of tho University Council on Tuesday last week.

The Chancellor, Mr R. S. V. Simpson, moving the motion which decided this on the recommendation of tho Joint Committee on Student Participation in the University, said he wet the first student representative.

"I had to fight a slight feeling of antlpathy from some members."

Now, after thirty years, the time had come for a second representative.

"One member has taken the burden till now, but the work has Increased with the size of the University."

Sir Duncan Stout said: "If we are going to have representatives of tho same calibre as we have had In the past we will be very happy to have e second student."

It is hoped that the Executive of the Students' Association will have decided who la to be the second representative after its meeting last night. Space is being held on this page to report on this.

* * *

It was decided after considerable discussion to follow the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Student Participation In the University that the President of the Students' Association be chairman of the Student Union Management Committee.

There was apparently little objection to the possibility of a student chairing the Committee, but only to making it mandatory on the Committee that a student chair it.

Sir Duncan Stout felt that a year was not long enough for a chairman to learn the ropes.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor I. D. Campbell, said: "It would be extraordinary that we should tie the hands of the Committee".

An amendment to the effect that the Council would see no objection in principle to the Committee electing a student was lost by five votes to seven.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr D. B. C. Taylor, urged the Council not to challenge the students to act as a body to elect their chairman.

A second amendment that there be a trial period for two, years was lost by the same margin.

Dr T. H. Beaglehole stressed the need to keep things undecontinual review but not to bind anyone to any stated period.

The Pro-Chancellor, Mr K. B. O'Brien said: "I have an idea the students after a couple of years will change their minds on this. The nature of the office of chairman will change quitr dramatically."

"The Managing Secretary of the Student Union will take over many of his functions," said the Chancellor. Mr R. S. V. Simpson.

The Vice-Chancellor saw the move as giving students "the right to make a mass of their own affairs".

* * *

All other recommendations of the Joint Committee were also passed.

* * *

The Council congratulated the men's senior hockey team on winning the competition for the third year in a row.

* * *

A new set of Library Regulations were enacted. Two queries were raised, one by the Student Representative, John McGrath, as to the possibility of the library opening on Easter Tuesday, and one by the Pro-Chancellor, Mr K. B. O'Brien, as to the failure of the regulations to define the borrowing rights of members of the Council.

These problems are likely to be overcome and the regulations were enacted as they were.

* * *

The University Council has decided to allow the Students' Association a graduate representative on the Joint Committee on Honorary Degrees.

The Council decided this in its regular secret session, held after every open meeting.

According to the motion under which the Council excludes the public, publicity would have been prejudicial to the public interest or likely to cause unnecessary personal embarrasment.

It is believed that the move was fought with unusual ferocity.