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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 23. September 17, 1968

On the Grapevine

On the Grapevine

That'll learn you

A lecturer told a Stage III class this week; "You're not here to ask questions. I'm here to teach you." It's about time somebody decided what we are here for!


There is a prize in Pure Maths II for "part time males".

Good and bad

The "Senior Law Lecturer" who judged which was the best speech in the "Support Dorofeev" debate was the worst speaker at the "Support Dorofeev" debate.


"For those three F-111s that have been lost over Vietnam at a cost of say $16,000,000 I could have bought 1200 Cessna 150s" writes a correspondant of Flight International.

"One of these Cessnas would carry one pilot (no special training needed), a 250 lb bomb (just shove it out the door), it would fly 200 fniles into Viet Cong territory (I bet it could fly 150 feet lower than the best terrain-thumping radar in the F-111) and I would probably hit something—and might even get home."

Plastic bargain

Buy a plastic Buddha, put it on top of your radio—and you won't pick up Radio Peing any more.

Yellow too ?

Federated Farmers — the cream of society. Rich and thick!

Fair enough

Counting votes in the small hours of the morning after the election must have had some effect on the ability to add figures. Whilst the stated total vote count was 2073 in all cases, the actual totals were 2081, 2079, 2073, 2073, 2076, 2073, 2081, 2073.

Still, four out of eight is 50 per cent., and that's a pass mark.

Cause found

French Radio quoting De Gaulle on Czechoslovakia (paraphrase):

"The cause is the absence of France from the l945 Yalta talks and therefore the formation of power blocs."

Political Contraceptive

Of course White is not politically impotent. Ridiculous idea. He is a political contraceptive. 100 per cent. effective—after all what iue has been brought forth this year?

Extra ethnic

NZSPA official overheard to say. while looking at statistics of crimes in N.Z.: "Sexual offences—no, not many Maoris there—mostly New Zealanders".