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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 17. July 23, 1968

Sludge missed Dennis pissed

Sludge missed Dennis pissed

Sir—In the fifteen issues of 'Salient' so far this year space has been allocated to an obscure piece of writing entitled "The Return of the Triboldies." Why?

In your last issue (July 9th) this writing occupied a ball page of 'Salient, but in spite of this rather determined effort to take over the newspaper it appears no nearer to its conclusion. What is half a page of advertising space worth?

If this writing is not obscure, I withdraw use of that word. Similarly if it is not writing.

I am, by the way, protesting that this writing occupies potential newspace, potential advertising space and that it has pushed 'Sludge' out of the paper.

I am etc.,

"Denn is Pist"

D. J. MacKay.

[Sludge has retired to write scripts for a Downstage review, all advertising that can be sold is published, and I think that the Triboldies is more amusing than any of the news that is excluded —ed.]