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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 17. July 23, 1968

Letters To The Editor — Search for God

Letters To The Editor

Search for God

Sir- Perhaps you are not aware that even as newspapers throughout the world proclaim the capture of James Earl Ray, the greatest search in recorded history continues. The wanted party has so far escaped all attempts at detection, hence the belief, prevalent in some quarters, that his powers exceed the ordinary.

The police, and others, are anxious to know the whereabouts of God, a male. believed to be of Jewish origin, who also uses the aliases 'Yahweh' and 'the Word' His age though unknown, is reckoned to be considerable.

The search for God was almost called off in 1966 when rumours of his death were widespread. But the police received information that he was alive and living in Argentina. Their Informant was later found dead; witnesses said he appeared to have been struck by a thunderbolt.

There is evidence that God may be it large in New Zealand where several societies sympathetic to his cause are still operating. Police believe that he will rendezvous here with Dr Billy Graham, a known accomplice Dr Graham too denies rumours of God's death. 'I know he is alive because 1 spoke to him this morning' he told reporters recently.

God is wanted for questioning by the Egyptian authorities, who several years issued warrants for his arrest on charges of disorderly conduct, river pollution and infanticide.

More recently, he was cited as co-respondent in a now famous paternity suit by the Virgin Marry.

The Narcotics -Squad is said to be anxious to question him on a charge that be is 'the opium of the people' and claims that he is omnipresent may lead to charges of trespassing and loitering with intent The Earthquake and war Damages Commission is reported to have lodged a huge claim for damages against him.

Anyone knowing the where abouts of this person will, it is rumoured receive a reward of eternal life. If you have any information would you please contact the nearest police station immediately

Yours faithfully,

J. D. Toft.