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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 17. July 23, 1968



Contact Student Association Office.

There was nothing missing last week. Read it again. Twits.

* * *

As I sit in my Spot in the Library, this being one of my many wonts, I think of that phone call I forgot to make in the Student Union after tea, and I look at the rain, and I think of wetness of paths between the Library and the Sub, and I mutter stuphph or visualise a manipulated digit. Then I think of Rankine Brown Building, and bow it was built, and bow it was promised that phone booths for student use would be installed, and I wonder. I think to myself, perhaps someone has forgot. Perhaps someone thinks that we have forgot. Have we forgot? All together now. face the Administration Block, and make A Noise Like a Dial Tone. Thank you.

One writer and political thinker in this university objects, it seems, to being called a 'right-wing commentator'. Never fear, James, we know what a commentator is.

* * *

This Week's Ideology.

Jaw-jaw is heller than war-war. Talking keeps wars at bay. Our Society, and the world, is kept from toppling over the brink of peace by the sporadic mutter of many voices, and if a Great Silence were to break out inconceivable violence would ensue.

It is therefore the duty— and the right—of every peace-loving citizen to take his part in the common strive to ward off the ever-imminent Great Silence, by ensuring that those sudden silences which descend are prevented from becoming permanent.

This is will of course prevent the inevitable violence breaking out and becoming a danger to world peace.