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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 17. July 23, 1968

[The Return of the Triboldies]

Here we sit on a shellfish-shelf, side by side, myself. Mazinta, imacassar, Andromeda, Gastrophonic, Ruwenzori, and

drawing of a cat image

on devices similar to those known in Aggabug as "chair".

Diagram showing where wagon sunk

X is where our wagon sank, taking with it all our possessions. It is possible that the level of water will drop further; if so, we shall be able to rescue it. This loss is my fault: I should have quickly shut one of the doors as soon as we fell from the top of the shellfish But instead I rushed to sec that none of my inventions had been damaged. The water-powdering apparatus was intact, but the eye-opener seemed to have been partly broken in that fall. Now they may be further damaged by water.

O is a pillar protruding from the water. Perhaps it is a tree surmounted by a carved two-legged giralTe. It is becoming very uncomfortable on the shellfish. We are afraid to move for tear that it will feel us, reach for us. then devour us It is also very damp and cold and we can no longer see our fellows. All we have saved from the wagon is this green book, an armful of food, some beads (in case we find it neccssary to trade with the natives), a few rugs which we have wrapped around ourselves, a tiny wheel which turns when the sun shines on it, a handful of pebbles, a green glass ball, and a set of cards So we are to sit here, amuse Ourselves with these baubles and speculative chatter, and finally die from dampness.

We are rescued! Ottoman's wagon sailed through the gap at the distant left, we attracted the attention of Partenopeus as he tried to dislodge the 2-legged green giraffe from its pillar, and we were rescued by a rope The next message is from Ottoman.

"It was some time before we discovered that one wagon was missing, Ocarina sent a message to all the wagons, asking who was missing. Nobody would admit that they were missing, but after clever reasoning he deduced that it was yourselves He was relieved to find it was you. since you would be sure to take care of you and not he forever lost. We drifted for a few days, till we reached this city and the water began to drop."

A City! Of course! I see now that it is very similar to Aggabug. We are surrounded not by shellfish but by tops of buildings! Truly there is perspicacity in numbers. Ottoman continued

"As we floated between the tops of buildings we saw treetops, so we made towards them. We anchored ourselves to treetops, and the following morning the water had receded. We found we were in a pleasant grove. interspersed with large stones. We then set out to explore our surroundings, which is what we were doing when we found you."

We are waiting anxiously for the water to go down. Ottoman told me. Do sou remember what caused us to leave Coldplace? he asked. Nenuphar found a large white stone, growing Straight out from the earth in our newly-found grove; on it were carved the words