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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

Exec. support on Halls Appeal sought

Exec. support on Halls Appeal sought

The Executive of the Students' Association re-affirmed their support for the Halls of Residence campaign in a unanimous decision last week.

Mr A. F. Downer, chairman of the Halls of Residence Foundation, and Major-General McKinnon, chairman of a follow-on committee of the Foundation requested public support from Exec. for their bid to obtain the $384,000 remaining.

Mr Downer said the initial aims of the Foundation had been met, but, "Success would come much easier in the second part of the campaign if you would fly the flag that the purposes of our committee are worthy ones."

Mr Downer said that a public espousal of the committee's objectives, would be doing a service to the city of Wellington.

He said it would be valuable to students, parents, and to the University.

General McKinnon, who termed his committee "sales staff", briefly summarised the Foundations objectives and the degree of achievement.

He said half of the $700,000 target to be achieved through donations had been obtained.

The Government is to subsidise the fund to the extent of $1,470,000 which will be complemented by $700,000 obtained through loans.

"We did feel some resistance from the public during our house-to-house campaign," said General McKinnon.

"We encountered some ill-informed criticism of students and student life."

Replying to reported criticism that the cost of the Halls of Residence was exorbitant, General McKinnon said it compared favourably with other projects under construction in Dunedin and Auckland.

"The plans for the buildings have been recently overhauled," he said.

Suggestions for adding to the appeal, included a rugby match between Victoria and Otago.

"But", said General McKinnon who made the suggestion, "I'm sure your fertile imaginations can think of dozens of things as good."

On the advice of the Sports Officer, Rod Trott, the suggestion was rejected for practical reasons.

Because the Hutt Valley had not been completely covered by the house-to-house appeal, it was suggested that students should assist in the appeal on the 27th July.

Sue Kedgely, the Accommodation chairwoman, asked for available transport for that day.

* * * *

Messrs Downer (middle) and McKinnon (right) at meeting with Executive.

Messrs Downer (middle) and McKinnon (right) at meeting with Executive.