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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

Another P.J

Another P.J.

Sir—Since the person who authored thearticle "Another Change for Wedderspoon prefers to remain anonymous I would, through your offices commened him for his diligent research into my character. It he can only rely on hearsay and not factual objectivity to discredit me then he has done me a great honour as a human being who makes mistakes as much as the next man. Instead of pulling me to pieces in the select quarters of his underground lie factory he has revealed by unconscious omission that gossip and rumour are his only tools as a mongrel dog yapping arround the hooves of a thoroughbred horse. If there is an ounce of self-re spotting manhood left in him then would he be man enough to substantiate his charges against me in face-to-face confrontation.

It is Interesting to note that I was rung through toll call by one James Mitchell and read extracts of the article in question prior to publication, plus additional matter which strangely enough did not appear. I asked Mr Mitchell who was responsible for the script, but he would not tell me. It is a pity I did not have a tape-recorder at the tune phone conversation took place.

Questioned as to whether I received financial support from the National Party during the Palmerston North by-election I denied it and suggested that the declaration as to my campaign receipts and expenditure be checked by Salient through the Registrar of Electors in the said constituency. Why was this not reported in the article and has such an examination been made? If the writer hopes to be a journalist some day he would be well-advised to check his facts and not rely on the word of mouth evidence of three unidentified persons. Perhaps it would not have suited his pitiably distorted mind?

Questioned as to whether had been court-martislled in the army and sent to the "Ardmore military Penal Detention Barracks" as a rsult of It of it (correctly called the Services Corrective Establishment for your information). I advised Mr Mitchell to check with Army I Head Quarters as to my military record and he would find I had no court-maritial convictions. Did the "person" who wrote the article mention that. This is a serious allegation to make or even imply and I would invite the "person" responsible to come down to Army Head Quarters with me when I am in Wellington. He has protected himself to some extent by infarring that I said it to Forums. This is incorrect and he knows it. I have never been court-martalled or sent to S C.E. as a result of it and have never said so, Sometimes I wonder as to the mentality of such a stupid question by the type of individual who.tenders it.

Questioned as to whether I had said I was a Catholic and whether I had said I was a Jew I requested Mr Mitchell to check as to my baptism with the Presbyterian Church. Has this been done and why was not my comment reported?

At to the allegation that I called Thomson a "fascist" I have denied using the term. I respect him as a decorated officer even through I may disagree with his views on occasions.

Yours faithfully,

P. J Wedderspoon. (Abridged)

[Salient standsby its original article—ed.]