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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

Economics learnt in hard school

Economics learnt in hard school

The Trade Union movement does not see its salvation in a Danny the Red, said the President of the Wellington Trades Council recently.

At a Labour Club meeting last Thursday Toby Hill said "Danny the Red and his outfit were successful in returning De Gaulle. We don't see any use in conflict with the law. We will demonstrate, then disperse quietly. My organisation will not be associated with banners proclaiming Danny the Red."

"Nor Toby the Tory," interjected a student.

But he said that students were not to blame for any disturbance at the opening of Parliament. "The failure of the loudspeakers was the main cause

"Less than 16 per cent of the people at University come from working Class backgrounds."

"Universities produce economists who think that the way to correct the economy is to lower the standard of living."

"I'm not prepared to accept economic prescriptions that will not be accepted by the people who prescribe them."

"If the government made a state of emergency, and an emergency election was held tomorrow thousands of students would support the government."

"If students desire a better deal than they are getting, if academics want better salaries, then their only hope is the Trade Union movement which stands for a higher standard of living for all."

Mr Hill, speaking of the economic situation said, "my economics were not learnt in the halls of varsities, they were in the hard school of economic hardship.

"New Zealand and Switzerland were the only countries not in the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. They were the only countries without unemployment. Now we have joined them, and we have unemployment (Interjection: "And mini-skirts too.")."

"The National Bank of New Zealand is owned by Lloyds of London. Our bread is owned in Canada. Our biscuits in England and the United Stales."

"We must own our own industries and our own shipping lines. This would solve all our problems."

Mr Toby Hill with Mr Norman Kirk at the demonstration on 26th June.

Mr Toby Hill with Mr Norman Kirk at the demonstration on 26th June.