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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 14. June 25, 1968

The Truth

The Truth

Sir—Your correspondent David Grant has unwittingly stumbled upon one of the strengths of Christianity?that of being able to accept changed ideas about the world. The replacement of a religious explanation by a scientific one does not change the truth (if the truth exists at all), nor does it change God. It merely changes our conception of God? A human mind cannot truely understand God or anything much about him, but a "god" which could be fully conceived of by a limited human mind would be no kind of god at all. Mr. Grant seems to have met the explanation of God as "the ultimate cause". This is a totally inadequate and erroneous view of God, since the "ultimate cause" has a habit of moving further away as explanations to previously unexplicable phenomena are found. Each person has a slightly different understanding of God, and we cannot say which is correct.

In passing, Mr. Grant, not only Christians have "bloody vivid imaginations", and scientists, philosophers and others have also been known to arrive at the correct result by incorrect means.