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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 12 June 11, 1968

Welcome to Open Day

Welcome to Open Day

"Here is a chance for members of the public to see what students are really like," said Education Officer Candy McGrath,. in extending a "huge" welcome to those visiting the University today, Open Day.

For too long, she said, the "beardie-weirdie layabout" image has prevailed among New Zealanders.

Yet for every student who fits this image, there are 100 who spend most of their time studying for the qualifications which will make them useful to soicety.

So, in an attempt to present a more balanced view of what it means to go to University, the Students' Association, together with the University administration, have organised this second annual Open day.

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The aim is to show the experience of an ordinary student in a normal working day, Candy continued.

It is also an opportunity for those who will soon be coming to University to get the "feel" of the place.

"While we have arranged many special events and displays, along with guided tours,'' Candy said, "it is my hope that visitors will take the trouble to become familiar with the everyday and the commonplace."

Students spend most of their time at lectures or in the library and she wouldn't like the public to think of University as a continual round of debates, film shows and hunny-eating contests.

"So please do take the chance to sit in on an ordinary lecture," Candy urged.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into organising

Open Day and she wishes to thank all those who have helped.

But she has no doubt some things could have been done better and hopes visitors will write to the student newspaper, Salient.

"Let's hear all your cheers and groans about Open Day -and about students," Candy concluded

Candy McGrath

Candy McGrath