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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 12 June 11, 1968

Donner's dupe

Donner's dupe

The Lido continues its "In the tradition of . . ." series with Jorn Donner's To Love, a short quirky undigestible flat-foetid chirp about boudoir bannerisms, in the tradition of Ernst Schwebes much neglected Day of the Raping Yak. We must take into consideration that Donner is very young. He made this, his second feature, at 26, after many television quickies. Harriet Andersson and the late Zbigniew Cybulski appear constantly in this sometimes perfunctory view of Scandinavian ethics. Its unhot, stilfully shaded and one gets bored to death of an empty ruffled bed.

I won't be too rude to Donner; we may be able to see some more of his films.

This is he: "In order to teach myself and to some extent others, I want to tell a story as simply and clearly as possible", and turns over and dreams of Godard!

As a smatter of principle the question, "What's on at the ly-do?" seems to be echoing through the needling minds of the eternal sunday patronisers, not that I hold anything against Albeit Caymusses Orphul Noir.