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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 6. April 9, 1968

Exec. members report : Treasurer

Exec. members report : Treasurer

The activities of the Treasurer cannot. I think, be easily explained in a report of this nature. The responsibility of the Treasurer is basically to have overall control over the implementation of the financial policy as laid down by the Executive

This involves control over the various activities of the association which involve finance The Treasurer is only one Voice amongst 14 and is therefore not in a position to necessarily decide the financial policy itself.

This year a new system of grants to Clubs is being adopted Executive will now make a bulk grant to both Spoils Council and Cultural Clubs Council and it will be the responsibility of the respective councils to make equitable allocations of this money to their individual clubs.

Within the association is a General Finance Advisory committee which will advise on financial matters at the request of Executive, a Treasurers Committee which will be responsible for controlling financial matters of Sports Council, Cultural Clubs Council, and Publications Hoard and Finance Committee which consider all financial business before it goes before Executive.

The activties over the last year which have involved finance are reported on in the financial statements which are included with the Annual Report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 9th April. These statements show a surplus of income over expenditure for the eleven months ended 31st December 1967 of $5263.

This surplus does Not mean that excessive money was received from students by way of Student fees, but rather it enables the Association to build up cash funds to use on future worthwhile activties.

Sports Club Grants For 1967

Athletic, 92; Badminton, 70; Cricket, 347; Deerstalkers, 49; Harrier. 134; Men's Hockey, 391; Men's Indoor Basketball, 76; Rowing, 100; 303 Rifles, 20; Rugby, 209; Surf Riders, 29; Swords, 354; Soccer, 463; Swimming, 239; Ski, 448; Squash, 546; Tennis, 153; Table Tennis, 48; Tramping, 154; Women's Hockey, 154; Women's Indoor Basketball, 50; Women's Outdoor Basketball, 30; Yacht, 186; Total $4,333.

Cultural Club Grants For 1967

Anglican Society, 50; Biological Society, 84; Cards Club, 50; Chemistry club, 15; Debating Society, 140; Esperanto Club, 10; Evangelical Union, 50; Geographical Society, 110; Jewish Society, 10; Labour Party Club, 225; Literary Society, 30; Maori Club, 100; Philosophical Society, 10; Political Science Club, 25: Pooh Club, 10; Social Sciences Society, 100; Student Action Group on Mental Health, 100; Te Rangatahi, 22; Total $1,071.

Financial Position at December 31, 1967

Financial Position at December 31, 1967

The Statement of Financial Position' does not incorporate the Assets and Liabilities of Salient, Coffee Bar, or of the Clubs affiliated to the Student's Association, and the 'Statement of Income and Expenditure' does not reflect the results of their activities.