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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 6. April 9, 1968

On the grapevine

On the grapevine

Promotion ?

dear ed.,

why "ed", not "Ed".

When you exercise your right of reply to this please capitalise yourself.




The way out

On receiving the draft notice, the resister should stop washing, cat very little and drfnk rivers of whisky—for about three weeks. Three days before the physical, he ceases to cat and sleep. On the night before he eats the white of three dozen eggs. Next morning he washes and shaves.

There will be severe rashes all over his body (apparently nervous shingles), an onimous gastric refrain, and his urinalysis will be appalling. The egg bestow albuminuria: a frequent adjunct of long term alcoholism. There will also be symptoms of brain and kidney damage.

The effects last about three days.

Less than frank

Frank discussions between rival groups at the demonstration last week were inhibited.

One demonstrator was checked from completing a particularly spicy compliment By the flared nostrils of the law at his cheek.

Smelling the old spice perhaps?


"That New Zealand sever its official links with the British Crown and become a Republic." This remit was lost by six votes to five—in the Executive of the V.U.W. Students' Association.

Time, gentlemen, please

Some lecturers have been going over time. In New Zealand History I several students have complained about the lecturer continuing for up to 10 minutes after the correct time.

If it is rudeness for a student to enter a lecture late it is rudeness for a lecturer to make students late for their next lecture.


At the Law Faculty Club A.G.M. last Tuesday night a motion deploring the University Vietnam Peace Committee's march and disociating the faculty from it was rejected by 35 voles to seven.


How about some sort of campaign against couples, one in particular, who insist on parading themselves around the campus rolled up in each other's arms as if life is a perpetual three-legged race, Tender, heart-rending scenes in the caf are also visually nauseous. It's like eating stew on a battlefield. . . .


Second night of Extrav is for students only. No Mummies or Daddies. By reducing the prices for that night EXTRAV hopes to fill the place with a really wild audience. Anyway it should be a better way to spend ANZAC evening than going to the R.S.A. concert.

A wreck ?

Seems Dr. Sutch, as well as Prof. Roberts, threatened withdrawal from the P.P.P. Conference if there were to be any demonstrations. He also said he was sure Profs. O'Brien and Fitzgerald would withdraw it they should find out.

If there be a God . . .

Has anyone noticed the way the new editor holds his news Conferences? Sitting on the top of the highest piece of furniture in Salient room benignly ruling over his fellow students. Oh my God!!