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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 6. April 9, 1968



Sir—It is good to see a cookery column, but the advice re cooking vegetables recently was somewhat misleading.

M. Longouste advises filling a saucepan with water, adding lots of salt, and when it boils, tossing in the vegetables.

I agree that the water should be boiled first, but salt should be from to Ɛ teaspoon for each pound of vegetable. (Mental visions of people using up the whole shaker prompted me to add this!)

Use as little water as possible. Minerals, certain vitamins, and the natural vegetable sugar essential to the flavour dissolve in the water. Therefore the more that is used the more of these that will dissolve.

The idea is to put about ƈ to 1 in. of water in the pan. Boil, then add vegetables. These will cook in the steam because there is not much water. Thus the vitamins etc. are saved. (Remember to put on the lid!)

And last—if you do use too much water, save it for use in soups or cocktails. Is delish!

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Strong.