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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 1. March 3 1968

Teachers Criticised

Teachers Criticised

Sirs.—As a "part-time" student, by definition in, but not of, the University, I am aware that I must treed carefully.

Last year I parted with a cheque for $53.00. Of this sum, $40.00 entitled me to study for one unit — Political Science I. In return for this, I received an abysmal lack of courtesy, and a breaking of the implied contract that would put any ordinary organisation out of business within weeks.

To be specific, Sirs. Lecturers on several occasions failed to arrive at all, and sent no notification of cancellation. A very senior member of the department arrived twentyfive minutes late, announced he had prepared no lecture, asked for questions, and departed after ten minutes.

A tutor dashed in fifteen minutes late, breezily apoiogised, and vanished, saying, "Look after yourselves: want to watch myself on TV." The fact that be made the same remark to another tutorial the same week suggests something — I know not what, though.

A lecturer spoke for fifty minutes on the subject of invective in Parliament. It was amusing, entertaining and utterly irrelevant. He admitted this complete irrelevance, but nevertheless gave us the benefit of his sparkling wit.

"Quis custidiet ipsos custodes?" Who teaches the teachers? I look forward to a year of Political Science II with some trepidation.

I remain, years, etc.

(Name Withheld).

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