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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 1. March 3 1968

Left Out Side

page 16

Left Out Side

The big news this year was that there would be "relaxation" of controls over the economy — except, that is, for the public service, wrich has to chop back its expenditure once again, and the universities, whom Mr Muldoon has warned to prepare for the axe. Odd priorities, perhaps, both socially and economically? Not really, because most Chamber of Commerce people have always thought Government departments and universities get too much money, it's just that Piggy has been the first to take the Chambers of Commerce seriously. But is he really, from his own viewpoint. wrong? The case against the public service, from the businessman's point of view, is that it is creeping socialism, while the universities, we all know, produce the longhaired wierdies that turn up at antiVietnam demoes, Or. put another way. both the Public Service and the universities Could threaten the businessman's social position and upset the existing social norms.

The Chamber of Commerces class instincts are sound — there is enough dissent in the universities to make them a radical force: the Public Service is the only existing alternative to a business society. If. instead of whimpering "not understood" when the Government starts cutting back our funds, we tried to be the threat the Government thinks we could be. someone might take us seriously.

Vic's Labour Club organised a Youth Congess last year. It hart a most immpresive speakers list, including two of Wellington's most outstanding economists and Vic's new senior lecturer in education Jack Shallcrass.

The odd thing is that the Labour Club has followed up few of the conclusions the congress came co. They've acquired a new president since it happened — and apart from a few photographs in the club's freshers brochure of club activists talking to M.P's. no publicity has been given to it at all (though we understand this isn't entirely the club's fault).

Perhans this is both speakers on education. including one said Labour's 1966 education policy was the worst ever, while all the speakers on economic policy thought Labour too antiI.M.E. and warned that another bout of doctrinaire import substitutionalism would be disastrous. Hardly orthodox doctrine this, and it's understandable that students trying to get in on the running for safe Labour seats should shy off it.