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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 14. 1967.

Lawrence on Macaroni bore

Lawrence on Macaroni bore

Sirs, —Although I am not a candidate for International Affairs Officer in the forthcoming elections I desire very much to write a short answer to the question whether macaroni should have a standardised bore. I have been very bored by this question for a number of years. I find macaroni one of the most boring things in life. The one thing that has bothered me, however, is that I am not uniformly bored by it. Being somewhat a connoisseur of boredom. I realise that nirvana in the boredom cult cannot be reached until that perfect bordom is attained like the consistency of Singhalese Yoghurts.

Macaroni is nothing like the consistency of Singhalese Yoghurt. Short, fat and soft or long, thin and hard, it is simply not consistent at all. Oh, there was a time when I could take it or leave it. when one plate of macaroni meant pretty much the same as any other. But now, do you know that I sometimes get down on my knees in the middle of the bathtub full of beautiful macaroni and, well, caress

(cont'd P.95)

R. Suffield De Laurent VII.