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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 14. 1967.

But times have changed, Mr Shaw!

But times have changed, Mr Shaw!

Bernard Shaw

"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

Actually we're not sure that teaching ever was quite the way GBS described it. Today it's certainly not. Now a whole new world of teaching is opening up—a world that challenges the talents of the university graduate.

Tomorrow's opportunities will range over the whole world of education—going far beyond primary and secondary school teaching. Graduates will also be needed in universities, training colleges and in teaching administration. Teaching is a fast expanding world.

It's also a rewarding one. Teachers are competitively paid. They receive liberal vacation periods each year. What is more, they are paid while training and may be given time off for further study.

If you decide to become a secondary school teacher while you're at university you can apply for a studentship to complete your degree.

In your second year you would receive $670 (plus fees) or $530 plus any University Bursary or Scholarships to which you are entitled.

These allowances then increase to $930 and $640 respectively in the following year.

There is also a boarding allowance.

As a graduate you will attend a one year professional training course. Even during this training you will be paid $1810 if you have a bachelor's degree, $2030 with a master's or $2130 with 1st or 2nd class honours. These salaries increase when you are appointed to a permanent position. They will then rise regularly and can reach nearly $6000 p.a. for a principalship.

The development of tomorrow's advanced leaching techniques will be both rapid, exciting and rewarding. But progress needs the stimulation of trained minds. And this is why education needs you.

If you're interested in the new opportunities in education, write to: The Recruitment Officer, Dept. of Education, Wellington.


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