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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 10. 1967.



Sirs—The controlling clique on the current Executive have with injudicious brevity distorted democratic procasses in student politics. That clear-cut, precise and definite resolutions were passed at Annual General Meeting and have been by-passed with calculated indifference by a majority on Executive brings into serious questions their attitude towards the feeling and well-being of the student they purport to represent.

It is fundamental and indeed a basic function of an elected executive to be the servant of that wider body which sanctioned them and not the master. The issue is simple and crucial: do we by apathetic default permit a blatently antidemocratic precedent to provide tools for the future confidence tricksters.

It is ridiculous and yet tragic that Messrs. Wallace and company did not mention at the candidates' meeting in the main Common Room prior to the election their intent ion to vote against General Meeting mandates. One is tempted to conclude that they perceived an element detrimental to their ambitious designs but It is hoped that it was merely a case of not knowing a General Meeting from a public convenience.

Paul Wedderspoon.