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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 6. 1967.

To the editor alone

To the editor alone

Sirs,—It is usually accepted as a matter of ethics in newspaper management that letters are addressed to the editor alone, and if a journalist is under criticism it is the business of the editor to inform him and extract a reply if necessary.

Obviously a letter of such length (over 1000 words) could not be included in the "letters to the editor" section, but as literally 27 per cent of it was a purely personal and frankly vicious attack on Mr. Quennell I would have thought it expedient of the editors as non-partisan newspapermen to either omit the parts irrelevant to the criticism of the article itself or to return the letter to its origin so that Mr. Wheeler may rehash it himself.

As a follower of the otherwise highly competent Bertram Quennell debate, one would hope that Mr. Bertram dissociates himself from the emotionalism of Mr. Wheeler, as it is surely damaging to his (Mr. Bertram's) argument and further that Mr. Bertram is not party to the irregular method of the presentation of Mr. Wheeler's letter.

A. E. Young