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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 6. 1967.

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Reaction line

Phone your problem to 007

Phone your problem to 007

Is It True that the Rankine Brown Building is going to be converted into a parking building?

"Worried" Newtown.

This is a complete fabrication based on erroneous innuendos perpetrated by anarchistic drongoes whose intellectual capacities are not a patch on that of my good self. What in fact is going to happen is that the parking building on The Terrace is to be re-opened as a university.

Whatever happened to Grand Establishment?

Cyril, Kelburn.

The activities of this particular group have been severely curtailed after a very unfortunate incident concerning their leader. It seems he was horribly mutilated whilst attempting to address his followers from inside a burning bush.

Why does the Evening Post have such a punk-useless front page layout?

Lord Thompson of Fleet.

The editor used to live in Berlin.

Are there any internationally known fashion designers in Red China?

"Modess" Featherston.

There are, of course, no private enterprise designers in Red China. However, the government does from time to time issue directives on such matters. The latest one reads: "Skirts will be the same length this year: women will be three inches shorter."

Why did the Neo-Fascist revisionist swine and the toadying lackey of the United States imperialist pimps cross Thorndon Quay?

"Fred" Naenae.

To get to Parliament.

When is New Zealand going to enter the "space race?"

Agatha Spute, Taita.

This year. It will be in the form of a joint effort between six Commonwealth countries and the object will be to put a dog into orbit. Each country will contribute to the project. Australia is supplying the ground installations, India the flight technicians, Britain the rocket, Canada the boosters, the fuel will be from Nigeria and the tracking system will be made in the West Indies. New Zealand will supply the dog.

Does the Dominion museum possess any letters of historical interest?

"Minnie", Podsworthy in the Serunt.

The oldest letter available is one from a friend of the Borgias. It was a letter of thanks after having had a meal at the Borgia home and reads: "My dear friends thank you for the hospitality you showed me, the meal was absolutely . . ."