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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 6. 1967.

On the grapevine

On the grapevine

Wonderful stimulant

Its A tremendous ability to stand still, take two steps backward and deliver a suit-ably placed boot, swiftly and succintly to ones own lower anatomy.

The student body managed to do this during the presidential elections. All those candidates were a wonderful stimulant. Never before has an election provided a con versa-lion piece on so many caf tables, all at once.

Flow of logic

Stunning thing to go to a debate and find six feminine forms on the panel. Impeccable logic flowed forth.

Traffic etiquette

No Doubt the traffic pointsmen in Wellington on a Friday night have a hard job to contend with, but that doesn't excuse a too frequent brusque manner. As Bismark once proclaimed—even in declaration of war one observes the rules of etiquette. Mind you traffic-conditions these days may have been too much even for that wily gentleman.

How low can you go?

Our Legal friends sure make the most of it when Anzals (that's telegraphese for Australian and New Zealand Association of Law Students) mooting, and council meetings, get their learned treatment. Pub crawls all afternoon before going to Downstage, go-go girls at the dance, and quaffing beers at 1 o'clock in the morning from atop of bar tables in a public bar while the gathered multitudes chanted "down. down, down . . ."

Circle turns vicious

The vicious circle in operation on "The Dominion" at the moment doesn't augur well for the future. Apparently no more staff are being hired because advertising is down Advertising is down because circulation is down. And circulation is down because there is not enough news and the paper costs Id more than the "Post."

At the rate things are going the paper should be un -financial within ten years Perhaps the "Sunday Times" will yet live to save The Dominion from a ghastly fate.

Scrappy look

My Word the "Evening Post" is going "mod." However we haven't seen everything yet. Readers can expect new headline type soon. We hope the small headlines will be able to do away with the scrappy look currently so frequent. Also sometime in the near future Ian arts page will appear with book reviews included.

Schizoid Truth

Apparently the last editor of the National Party's now defunct National Observer is now editing Truth The editor of Truth has been promoted to Editor in Chief of Truth and the Auckland based Sunday News. It will be interesting to sec if our popular schizoid weekly retains it's unique characteristics.