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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 6. 1967.

The hordes will invade

page 3

The hordes will invade

Tuesday, June 13 has been set as the day when the University campus will be invaded by a horde of bourgeoisie.

The occasion is University Day when the public will be invited to inspect the University and attend lectures.

"The aim is not to do any window-dressing," Dr. Culliford of the Administration told Salient. "Not to emphasise the crowding or to try and show that everything in the garden is rosy. We just want people to see how the University works.

"We expect mainly parents of students and of prospective students," he said.

Subject to professorial and departmental consent certain lectures will be open for the public to attend. Education Officer Sue Markham expects four lectures to be open each hour between 9am and 4pm and some may be transferred to larger rooms for additional accommodation. Some laboratories, including the language laboratory will also be open.

All the Students' Association facilities have been booked for the whole day and "continuous student activity" has been arranged.

Displays and exhibits will be open in the gymnasium, and fencing and judo displays will be staged. Forum on the lawn will also be open.

Cultural Affairs Officer Larry Stenswick has arranged a display of 40 traditional and modern prints on loan from the French Government. Most of the major cultural clubs will stage some kind of display.

A choral concert will be presented by the Music Society and the Folk Club will also perform.

A Drama Club play-reading. Film Society showing and a debate will be staged during the day.

The NZBC Symphony Orchestras Chamber Ensemble will perform a midday concert and an evenings entertainment by Steve Whitehouse, Roger Hall and some of the Extrav cast has been organised.

Areas will be set aside for visitors' parking and information booths will be set up in the foyers of the main buildings to distribute Leaflets, University Handbook, plans of the buildings and a schedule of the day's activities.

There will also be an Administration publication on "Our Growing University" and a timetable to show the full extent of the day's lectures in addition to those which will be open.

Otago University has had several such University Days in the past and this year is planning a University Week. Victoria has never before had an open day during which the teaching programme has been unaltered.

"What we want is for the public to see a normal working day." said Sue Markham to whom the Students' Association has allocated a provisional publicity budget of £100.

"The most important facet is public relations." she said. "The machinery for the day Ls fairly well established, it is, just a matter of getting the; people up here."