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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 5. 1967.


page 2


The Police as we all know by now, called at Grand Establishment last Gelp. Much good advice was handed out to those present by the police, but nothing else resulted.

One friendly plain clothes detective found an over-zealous law clerk busy advising students of their legal rights, beckoned him aside, and said, "Don't go ruining your promising legal career for thugs like those."

The thugs he indicated? Grand Establishment president Peter Debreceny, VUWSA secretary Trevor Crawford, and VUWSA Capping Officer Doug White.

* * *

Mind You, for sheer pettiness we must admire those who still oppose G.E. They put out the rumours, all false, after the last Gelp: That someone lost an eye in a fight. That the police arrested several students. That there was a riot in the hall.

These days, it seems, we aren't even allowed to have functions at which the more basically social of us can relax.

* * *

We May Try some rather dubious things at times for publicity, but its not all onesided. Wellington's VW dealers (would you believe Shelly Motors?) sent YUWSA president John McGrath on a really futile chase a couple of weeks back.

They approached him and offered VUWSA the use of Volkswagens for transport at student functions, stunts, etc. approved by the firm. A very generous offer? VUWSA was delighted, and would gladly have given VW much incidental publicity. Hours of discussion and negotiation went into the scheme. Volkswagens were proposed for tournament transport, procesh control, charity collection organisation, and a hundred other uses.

After several days of this, the firms suddenly decided there had been a misunderstanding. What did they really want?

One Volkswagen cramming competition one afternoon, that's all.

* * *

Our Zealous Drama Club members may well feel grieved at the disappointing attendances at their recent productions. But this does not give them the right to turn vandal and plaster Wellington streets with posters? It's a really anti-civic attitude, and the fact that they've done the same for years is no justification.

Indeed, if they curbed this irresponsibility and put the effort into more orderly publicity, it would help us all. As it is, their paste efforts show only a retarded sense of the aesthetic.

* * *

So We Have a vice-president who's also acting president and acting publications officer. Takes us back to the good old days of the VUWSA secretary who was always resigning. He used to write out his resignation, hand it in to himself, say "This is absolutely ridiculous,'' and tear it up before his own startled gaze.

— Cynic