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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 5. 1967.

Post-grad assn

Post-grad assn.

Sirs,—I am returning to the United Kingdom after spending 2½ years at Vic writing a doctorate in Political Science I thought it might be apposite to pass on to you a few fairly general comments on the position of post-grads (especially those from overseas) at Vic.

The most obvious starting point is the absence of a postgrad association. At my home university of Sheffield the post-grad association was among the most active, catering for most of the interests of members. Obviously such an association could only be built up slowly at Vic: nevertheless it could provide certain useful services almost at its inception.

For example, it could provide an introduction to Wellington and the university for overseas post-grads; members of the association could have new arrivals to dinner, introduce them to people with similar interests, perhaps give some assistance in flat hunting, etc. Later the association could grow as the number of post-grads increases.

The UGC is trying to promote post-graduate studies in New Zealand. A positive response on the part of the NZUSA might therefore be timely. Would it be possible to call post-grads together at Vic in order to form such an association?

I feel the initial stimulus must come from the organised body, your Association. From that point the post-grads themselves would certainly take over.

Post grads who have not grown up in the Vic system are surely the most isolated sector of the university community. It is surely a fact that as senior (and often married) students, they get less out of the NZUSA than their subscription merits.

In conclusion. I feel a postgrad association ought to be set up following an NZUSA initiative. Ultimatey such an association must come and must be a success: it is simply a matter of correct timing. The provision of post-grad facilities in any university or union extensions would certainly be a good step!

S. J. Ingle