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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 5. 1967.

Vietnam issues: Students' views

Vietnam issues: Students' views

NZSPA Reporter

Student Opinion on the Vietnam issue is evenly split between those for and those against, a recent survey at Auckland reveals.

A Questionnaire was given to each student who voted in the recent Auckland Executive Elections. A random sample of less than half the questionnaires was taken and the results shown below were compiled from the sample only.

Criticism was levelled at some of the questions. Some of them were designed to find the political affiliations of the student who was answering the questionnaire, and the critics maintained that such questions lessened the chance of objective completion of other answers.

The questions relevant to the Vietnam issue were:

• Do you agree with American involvement in Vietnam?

Yes. 48½ per cent; No, 47 per cent; Don't know, 3 per cent.

• If yes, do you agree with American bombing of North Vietnam?

Yes, 69 per cent; No, 28 per cent: Don't know, 3 per cent.

• Do you favour conscription for Vietnam?

Yes, 9½ per cent; No, 80 per cent.

• Do you prefer a policy of civilian aid only, or do you think that we should withdraw totally?

Civilian aid, 67 per cent; Withdrawal, 12 per cent.

• Do you think that the decision to increase New Zealand's military commitments should have been debated in Parliament before a decision was made?

Yes, 75 per cent: No, 22 per cent.

• Do you think that New Zealand should give military aid?

Yes, 41 per cent; No, 55 per cent; Don't know, 2 per cent.

• If yes, what do you think of the recent troop increase?

Bad, 6 per cent; OK, 25 per cent; Good, 20 per cent; Should have been earlier, 40 per cent.