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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 5. 1967.

On the grapevine

On the grapevine

Drinking with GE

So If We're good little students big daddy GE might treat us to another GELP. Though by this time you'd think we'd be running out of halls.

Wouldn't it be exciting to see another display of James Bond efficiency—you know, the farce of walkie-talkie radios that don't even work. But they say they are goody for cowboys and injuns.

Once again we may be lucky enough to have the privilege of paying 3/- for a can of beer that costs 1/10. That way the GE boys can spend another twenty quid on their own little grog up!

Toro has a banana

It Was bound to happen. Toro's gone into the drug business. At the moment he's drying out some banana skins. Just ram them in a cool pipe and man, it really sends you, well, so he says.

Films with Aunt Mary

If You Want a way-out view these days just read Mary Seddon's film reviews. They're way way out.

Bird watching

What Did we do to deserve another Miss Victoria con test? It's no wonder that nine out of 10 woman-haters are women.

Soap opera or sex

Have You ever seen an evasive film censor? No? Then you should have been at Mr. McIntosh's address the other Wednesday.

Absurdity was the keynote. Apparently students only want more sex and the goodly mothers (and grandmothers) only want less violence. It really is an onerous job striking the median, especially when art does not lend itself to median hashing.

What about the Taj Mahal

Fancy the Rank Browny building winning a prize for the best design. Not bad going when you consider there's baggage and coat provision for a student population of about 99, that the heating doesn't work properly, and the whole thing looks like one of the drama club's discarded stage sets.

Still it docs serve as a cryptic commentary on the standards of Kiwi architec ture.

The sport of Kings or students

"Keep Fit For Women" exhorts our weekly newssheet. It's just about the only thing that four-fifths of the student population feel is worth keeping fit for.