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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 5. 1967.

Cafeteria inadequate for needs of students

page 3

Cafeteria inadequate for needs of students

A Queue begins to form in the Cafeteria as students stream out from lectures.

A Queue begins to form in the Cafeteria as students stream out from lectures.

Overcrowding in the cafeteria is the worst it has ever been. Queues at times extend outside the doors at both ends of the cafeteria.

Figures show there has been a spectacular increase in the number using the cafeteria.

An 11 per cent increase in the number of lunch sales was recorded on the fifth Monday of this term as compared with the same day last year.

Even more spectacular is the 48 per cent increase in dinner sales.

Some students find it easier to eat their meals while standing rather than join the inevitable ruck for chairs.

Students have to rush through their meals in order to make room for others that follow. When this is not done or where there is a tendency to linger (however slight) congestion becomes intolerable.

Acute shortage of space and abrasive atmosphere force large numbers to forgo a hot meal in favour of a few sandwiches or cakes.

There are several reasons for the increased use of the cafeteria:

• Increased student roll.

• Greater proportion of full-time students.

• Pressure of time forcing flatters to eat in the cafeteria rather than cook.

• General shortage of suitable accommodation.

A slight decrease is shown in the number of morning and afternoon tea sales. This could well be read as a reflection of the current economic pressure.

As the winter approaches there will be much less opportunity for outside dining Further overcrowding must be expected.

The planned extensions to the SUB seem unlikely to start this year. This means that cramped conditions will continue indefinitely.

The one faint hope is that the Cabinet will regard the extensions as an essential item. But Cabinet is not likely to take this attitude.

The table below sets out the figures referred to. They deal with only one day, out the large increase suggests there is an overall, everyday increase.

table of cafeteria purchases